I've integrated the Spine 3.8 cpp runtimes into our code and I can get the coin demo from rendering using the code on

However, the clipping for the glow/shimmer isnt working. It does say that clipping wont work with the given code on the page.

I found code that seems to show how cSpine's clip;ping code should be done here

but this is for v3.6 and there seem to be a lot of changes in signatures since then.

Does anyone have a cpp example with the 3.8 cpp runtimes showing how to apply clipping please. All we need is the final list of textured coloured triangles or quads after clipping.


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You were right on track! You can find the latest example for clipping with spine-cpp and spine-sfml here: spine-runtimes/spine-sfml.cpp at 3.8

This should easily translate to your custom rendering code.
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