When exporting animated GIF, some attachments that is hidden initially will show the Red missing texture box when turn visible in the animation.

Correction: It happens on both MOV and GIF export.
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Hello Nick, what version of Spine are you on? does the log show any significant message when this happens?
How big/how many are the images of the project on average? Sometimes unchecking Limit scanning helps avoiding this problem.
Images - Spine User Guide: Images node

Where is the images folder located relatively to the project folder? Where is the export folder located?
Please make sure the images are in their own images folder, and that the export folder is separate from them so that there's no risk of overwriting images while saving the files.
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Now that you mentioned about folder location. It maybe related to the folder depth.
Those missing file attachments all seems to be two folders deep.
e.g. images/Apprentice/AttackPose2/Arm_LR.png WHERE the spine folder path is set to "images".

Those attachments are very small. All parts are just around 200x200.
The editor and preview panel is displaying everything fine only exported GIF and MOV has this issue.

BTW, turning off "limited scanning" do really fix the issue.
I think its better auto turn it off when exporting.

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