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I have recently started using Spine for 2d character animation in a game I am developing. I managed to create a character in Photoshop with various different layers for each of its body parts. I then exported all the layers using the Spine script as a PNG and a . JSON file. I implemented the JSON file into spine and was able to clearly see all the layers. I then started creating a skeletal system for my character with various bones (e.g Left Bicep, Left arm - Pictures attached below). Since I am new to spine I was using the help of a video from Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=367&v=j0MGh4MVbGc&feature=emb_title) and around 5 min 21 sec the tutorial starts to move the layer parts according to the bone system they created. However when I tried this I was only able to move the bones and not the layer of the image I created (Pictures attached below). Could some one please look at the images and tell me where I have went wrong. Thank you.
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Lester Valve
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Hello, one of the core principles of skeletal animation relies on parenting the images - in the case of Spine, through the slots - to the bones that should control them.

You did well in creating a skeletal structure, but you also need to parent the images to the bones if you want the images to follow the bones.

To solve your problem, select a slot and drag it under a bone, or select the slot, press P and choose a new parent bone.
This will parent the slot and the images it containts to the bone and give you the ability to control the image by moving the bone.
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