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I am now adjusting the skin of my player to attach different looking pants and shirts, arms, etc. I noticed that when creating new "Skin Placeholders" the image still needs to be dragged to the exact location of the image that it will be replacing. The image location does not replicate the transform and rotation of the image it would be replacing temporarily. Thus I am dragging each image to the exact location, but I have a lot of these to do and getting them lined up perfectly by eyeballing it leaves a lot of room for error.

Also these images are all identical to the previous images in terms of size and shape, can I transfer the exact meshing structure from the original images to these new images as well? Otherwise I am eyeballing the mesh creation as well.

Not sure what to do.



Update: Copyed original mesh via duplicate function. Then under image path I entered in the value for the other image and all vertices were copied directly over to the new image. Worked Perfectly. As for location of images I have been binding the attachment slots to a single bone after aligning all images directly on top of one another. Then dragging them all together to the desired location, afterwards I proceed with the mesh copy and swap described above. Think I can make this work.


Update: I remember reading earlier today that weights cannot be copied. In this circumstance it seems that the weights can be applied to the other images because the vertices are the exact same as the original image, or it just pasted the weights to the new image. Anyways if you have identical pieces of clothing in size and shape but want to have the actual art work of said image be different, try this method it is working great.
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Hi Tim, did you consider using Skin placeholders, or just straight out duplicating the mesh and replacing the path to point to the new image?
Skins - Spine User Guide: Skin placeholders

It seems like a perfect use case for it. Also, when you duplicate a skin and have an entire recolor ready, you can automatically change the path of each image for that skin to the folder that has the same name as the new skin name if you check Rename attachments.
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