I have Spine the latest version and PS 19 and 20. I tried both.

So i did everything by the official instruction:
I did it couple of times, with different PS versions, importing with "Import media"/drag and drop, with different settings in PS Script. But every time i'm getting "MISSING".

In my PSD file there are no modes/folders/other characters than English, no spaces between layer names. Help

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Hello, don't worry if you see missing images!
You just need to specify the correct images folder path on the images node: Images - Spine User Guide: Images node
usually, if you type in the images path field: ./images/ and place the images folder in the location where the spine project is saved everything will show up.


On a side note, I noticed you forgot to change the ruler origin of your PSD file :D don't forget you can set guides to get precise placement!
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