In-Summary Question: For limb-bending, how do I make inner shading/shadows look consistent when separate parts of the arm rotate? (Images included for clarification below)
Note: This question is solely about Spine (and Photoshop)
2 Inner Issues for that Question
—The shadows don’t line up when I bend an elbow/knee/wrist
—The shadows are transparent and thus look terrible when they overlap

Question Details:
Hey all,
I have a question for you all regarding maintaining shadows when bending limbs.
I have searched for this online/Spine Tips/examples but unfortunately could not find anything regarding this specific situation. (I did find a tip whose project might contain an answer to this question because the character is shaded like how my character is currently shaded. (Spine: Tips: 52 perspective legs) )

Current Break-Down of Each Part of a Limb in My Project
[Outline] + [Color] + [Shadow]

I have limbs that I broke into multiple parts. They rotate at the intersection of their 2 parts: elbows, knees, wrists.
(My Diagram/Image:
(My Image is similar to Moustache Project's Gif: Spine: Tips: 28 moustache lines)

When I bend the limb, the shadows for the 2 parts do not line-up.

Draw Order-Way 1:
(When shadow is treated as part of the arm’s colored-in image):

Draw Order-Way 2:
When all shadows for all limbs are drawn above all arm-parts colored-in slots

Disliked Potential Solution:
So far, I only have 1 potential solution that I would rather not use.
That solution would be to split the colored-in part of the limbs into 2 meshes (not including the outline):

[Outline] + [Color that Does Not Overlap with Shadow] + [Shadow + Color that Does Overlap with Shadow]

This would be similar to treating the shadow-ed part of the colored-in part in a way similar to the moustache's project’s solution regarding outlines. (Gif: Spine: Tips: 28 moustache lines)
I would rather keep the colored-in part of the arm only 1 layer since it is much easier to manage if/when I decide to change that character’s colored-in sections and/or shadows and would be much easier to manage if/when I draw more arms as alternative skins for the same skeleton.

Are there any other solutions for this?
Thanks for your help!
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About transparency being ugly when overlapping, there's not much that can be done to improve it, so my suggestion is to remove potential transparency altogether.

I assume you are separating the shadow from the base of the arm because you want to be able to change the arm color, then wouldn't it be simpler to just have the arm in white, paint the shadows on the arm image directly, and only keep the dark outlines for that part that peeks out of the elbow region?

Regarding the shadows not matching, you could weight the meshes so that the shadows join better on that juncture, see the Dragon limbs here: Spine: Twitch: video YS90.3RFW9A

The nermeow shows an example of white assets recolored in Spine:
Spine: Twitch: video 7 xPu1y Sp8

I hope this helps!
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Great ideas and resources. I will check them out. Thank you!
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