Hello community

I try to get movements smoother (not so choppy) but the diagram doesn't really help.

Is it possible to set additional points in the diagram?
There is no such thing as "soft body physics" in Spine, is there?

I would be happy if someone has a tip or two.

Best regards
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Hello Max,

While we are actively working to rehaul the curve editor:
New to the tutorials section? Please read before posting

You can still get very smooth movement using the graph:
Graph - Spine User Guide

Currently you can only edit the curve in between two keyframes, so to add more handles to a curve, you need to add another keyframe.

You can ragdoll or apply phisics in game engines such as Unity:
Blog: 2D and 3D physics for spine-unity

You can also apply softness to IK constraints:
Blog: Spine 3.8 released: Soft IK

I hope this answers your question! If you have anything more specific you'd like to know about just let me know :D
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