Hello everyone,
I have lost some of my spine animations, psd with all the sprites and original Json file, but I still have the altas files and the skel file too. When I go to "Import Data" and import my skel file, I can recover the skeleton and animations, I can see the atlas png. My question is, could I get a way that I use the atlas files how we use in Unity, or recover with that information from the atlas files, all my separate sprites images??
Thanks a mil!
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Hi Huete, yes you can recover them!

In the Spine menu, choose Texture unpacker and point it to the atlas file. Specify an output and in case your images have dark borders around them, enable Unpremultiply Aplha.
This will output the images in your atlas files as separate in the output folder you chose. You can then copy them over to your images folder to be used by your Spine project.

Texture Packing - Spine User Guide: Texture Unpacker
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