I set up an event listener as recommended here: Coding for Spine Events and AnimationState callbacks and I am using latest of Spine 3.7.

And this is my event handler:

void HandleEvent(TrackEntry trackEntry, Spine.Event e)
Debug.Log("Bull audio event triggered: " + e.Data.String);
// Play some sound if the event named "footstep" fired.
switch (e.Data.String)
case "footstepRun":
Debug.Log("Play a footstep sound!");
case "hoofStomp":
Debug.Log("Play a stomp");
case "crashImpact":
Debug.Log("Play an impact");
I am testing with the hoofStomp, which I can confirm is in my skeleton.json:

"events": [
{ "time": 0.6, "name": "hoof", "string": "hoofStomp" }
The event triggers and works fine if I use e.Data.Name and then compare to "hoof", but e.Data.String returns an empty string / null when the event triggers.
Bull audio event triggered:
bullChargeBehavior:HandleEvent(TrackEntry, Event) (at Assets/Scripts/characters/monsterScripts/bullChargeBehavior.cs:139)
Spine.AnimationState:OnEvent(TrackEntry, Event) (at Assets/Spine/Runtime/spine-csharp/AnimationState.cs:80)
Spine.EventQueue:Drain() (at Assets/Spine/Runtime/spine-csharp/AnimationState.cs:1193)
Spine.AnimationState:Apply(Skeleton) (at Assets/Spine/Runtime/spine-csharp/AnimationState.cs:251)
Spine.Unity.SkeletonAnimation:Update(Single) (at Assets/Spine/Runtime/spine-unity/Components/SkeletonAnimation.cs:189)
Spine.Unity.SkeletonAnimation:Update() (at Assets/Spine/Runtime/spine-unity/Components/SkeletonAnimation.cs:178)
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When the event string is set at an animation pose event key in the Animate view (as opposed to the setup pose in the Setup view), the string value is stored at event.String, not in event.Data.String.

It is described at the API reference page here:
EventData "Stores the setup pose values for an Event."
Event "Stores the current pose values for an Event."

We are sorry that it can be a bit confusing.
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